Preference Management Center Configuration

The Ketch Preference Management Center provides users the ability to update their consent choices, as well as make Data Subject Rights (DSR) requests.

Footer setup

The Ketch Preference Management Center is typically launched by a link within the footer section of a page.

<a href="#" onclick="ketch('showPreferences')">Privacy Settings</a>

Advanced configuration

There are times when you need to more precisely control what is displayed within the Ketch Preference Management Center and this can be accomplished through the following options object that can be passed in the call to show the Ketch Preference Management Center:

propertyallowed valuesdescription
taboverviewTab, rightsTab, consentsTab, subscriptionsTabThe tab to display.
dataSubjectTypeCodesList of data subject type codes configured within the Ketch Platformlist of data subjects to display. If undefined, all data subjects are displayed.
showOverviewTabtrue, falsedetermines whether the overview tab will show. If undefined, the overview tab is displayed.
showConsentsTabtrue, falsedetermines whether the consents tab will show. If undefined, the consents tab is displayed.
showRightsTabtrue, falsedetermines whether the rights tab will show. If undefined, the rights tab is displayed.
showSubscriptionsTabtrue, falsedetermines whether the subscriptions tab will show. If undefined, the subscriptions tab is displayed.
supportedCountriesISO-3166 country codelist of supported ISO 3166 ALPHA-2 country codes to show in the rights form

Note: you can include all, some, or none of the options


<a href="#" onclick="ketch('showPreferences', { 
   tab: 'consentsTab',
   dataSubjectTypeCodes: ['customer', 'other'],
   showOverviewTab: true,
   showConsentsTab: true,
   showRightsTab: false,
   showSubscriptionsTab: false,
   supportedCountries: ['US', 'GB']
})">Privacy Settings</a>