Ketch Smart Tag not loading

  1. Ensure the organization code and property code used in the tag are the same as configured within the Ketch Platform UI. Note that the codes are case sensitive (i.e., MyTestCode != mytestcode).

  2. Ensure the identity spaces defined on the property code are present on the page loading the Ketch Smart Tag. If the Ketch Smart Tag is unable to find a corresponding identity, a banner will not be shown as it does not have an identity to store consent against within the Ketch Platform

Lag in banner showing on the site

This is usually caused by the Ketch Smart Tag being loading lower in the <head> section, or in the <body> section of the page. To ensure proper loading and functioning of the Ketch Smart Tag, we recommend placing it as high in the <head> of the page as possible, especially when utilizing tag orchestration.