Query String Parameters

The following querystring parameters are checked at various points during the initialization and
operation of the Ketch tag.

Note: with recent updates to the Ketch Smart Tag the query parameters prefix has changed from swb to ketch

parameterallowed valuesdescription
ketch_logtrace, debug, info, warn, errorenables console logging by Ketch components
ketch_envstaging, productionoverrides environment detection and uses a specific environment
ketch_regionISO-3166 country codeoverrides region detection and uses a specific region
ketch_jurisdictionjurisdiction codeoverrides jurisdiction detection and uses a specific jurisdiction
ketch_langISO 639-1 language code, with optional regional extensionoverrides language detection and uses a specific language
ketch_showcd, preferencesforces an experience to show
ketch_preferences_taboverviewTab, rightsTab, consentsTab, subscriptionsTabsets the active tab on the preferences experience
ketch_preferences_tabsoverviewTab, rightsTab, consentsTab, subscriptionsTabcomma separated list of tabs to display on the preference experience