Ketch Smart Tag

The Ketch Smart Tag is the mechanism used to manage and collect a visitor's consent preferences for an organization within a web platform. It is comprised of a set of JavaScript files which are driven by a JSON configuration file composed from the settings configured by the organization within the Ketch Platform.

  • boot.js
  • config.json
  • ketch.js
  • plugins.js
  • lanyard.js

These files are bundled, optimized, and downloaded asynchronously to ensure they are as small as necessary to minimize impact to your sites performance and function. You should not bundle or in any way modify any of these files.


The boot.js contains the configuration to start the process of getting the necessary components of the Ketch Smart Tag:

  • additional scripts needed for the Ketch Smart Tag functions,
  • environments available to the property,
  • regions and their associated jurisdiction,
  • supported languages


The ketch.js file is the core logic of the Ketch Smart Tag. It’s also where custom plugins and banners plugin to respond to privacy related events.


The plugin.js file contains the logic necessary for Marketplace applications, like Google Tag Manager, Global Privacy Control, and US Privacy string implementations.


The lanyard.js file contains the code necessary to render the various UI experiences for the consent and disclosure banners, including the logic for the different permutations, and the Preferences Experience.


The full configuration file contains the following information used to configure and run Ketch consent and preference management on an organizations website or mobile application:

  • jurisdiction in which the user was determined to be
  • purposes configured for the jurisdiction
  • regulations applicable to the jurisdiction
  • experiences configured for the jurisdiction
  • identities expected configured for the property in which the Ketch Smart Tag is running
  • client side plugins installed from the Ketch Marketplace
  • theme used when displaying