This guide will walk you through programmatically accessing the Ketch Platform through it's APIs

The Ketch REST API's offer a programmatic way to work and interact with the Ketch Platform from your backend servers.


Developer Edition Add On Required

In order to access the Ketch APIs, you will need to add the developer edition to your existing package. To add Developer Edition to your package, please contact your account executive, or support to find out how to get access.

In order to be able to successfully make calls to the Ketch REST APIs, you will need to generate an API key. Ketch APIs use an API key to identify the organization/application making the call to an API.

We recommend creating a different API key for each application or process which needs access to the Ketch Platform. This allows you to grant the minimum access needed to the application or process utilizing the API.

The following sections will show you how to generate an API key and how to use it with the Ketch APIs.

Obtain an API Key

To make a successful call to the Ketch APIs, you first must generate an API Key.

  1. Login in to your organization within the Ketch App.

  2. Navigate to the Developers page by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Ketch App.

  1. From within the Developers page, click on the API Keys tab, if not already selected.
  1. Now click Create Key.

  1. Complete information about the new key.
  • give the key a name, like the app or process which will be using this key.
  • (optional) enter a description of the process using the API key.

Next, set the permission level for the API key. To utilize the REST APIs, set the Organization section to Developer.

  1. Click Save.

Making our first call to the Ketch APIs

As mentioned earlier, the Ketch APIs require the API key to successfully make an API request.

With the key created in the previous steps, we now need to obtain a copy of it so it can be sent in the request.

Copying an API key

  1. Navigate back to the API Keys tab under the Developers page.

  2. Click on the three dots,..., at the end of your API key and click edit

  1. Then click on Copy, next to the API key.

Calling a Ketch API

To call a Ketch API, the API key must be sent with every request. The API is expecting the API key to be in the request header as Ketch-Api-Key.

The Ketch API Reference lists all APIs available to use. It also provides the ability to test each API.

To test an API:

  1. select the API you want to test.

  2. insert your API key in the box underneath the Authorization section

  3. fill out the body of the request, if necessary

  4. click the Try It!