Configuring webhooks


Developer Edition Add On Required

In order to access webhooks within the Ketch Platform, you will need to add the developer edition to your subscription. To add the Developer Edition to your package, please contact your account executive, or support to find out how to get access.

To configure webhooks in the Ketch Platform navigate to the Webhooks tab under the Developers menu, or by navigating directly to it here.

  • Click Create Webhook.

  • Enter a display name to identify the webhook throughout the Ketch Platform

  • Enter the URL where the Ketch Platform should send the requests.

  • Enter the authorization key and bearer token.

    NOTE: these will be sent in the header of every request made to this webhook

  • Select the types (1 type to all types) of events this webhook will receive.

    • consent: the endpoint is configured to receive all consent updates received by the Ketch Platform.
    • subscriptions:the endpoint is configured to receive all subscription updates received by the Ketch Platform.
    • rights: the endpoint is configured to receive data subject rights requests for all the rights workflows the webhook has been added.
  • Toggle "Test Mode" on/off as needed for your stage of development. Test mode will make the request payload available in the Ketch platform but will not call the webhook. Users are expected to send the callback request from their system for the workflow to continue.

  • Once all information has been entered into the form, click Create

The webhook is now ready for use and the Ketch Platform will begin sending requests to this webhook as it is configured.


In addition to selecting consent as the type of events for the webhook to receive, you will need to contact Ketch Support to have consent webhooks enabled for your organization. Once the Ketch Platform is configured on the backend, it will automatically start sending consent updates to the webhook.


Setting a Marketing Preference Identity

Before you can start receiving subscription events, at least one Ketch Identity Space must be marked as a Marketing Preference Identity and this identity must be present on the page collecting subscription preferences.

To set a Ketch Identity Space as a Marketing Preference Identity:

  • Navigate to the Identity Spaces tab within the Settings page on the Ketch UI.
  • Click the ... next to the identity space you want to make your subscription identity and click Edit.
  • Toggle Marketing Prefernce Identity on.
  • Click Save.

Configure subscriptions to send updates to the webhook

The Ketch Platform provides the ability to send different subscription updates to a single webhook, or to multiple webhooks.

To set the webhook for your subscriptions:

  • Navigate to the Subscriptions page under Policy Center on the Ketch UI.
  • Select the ... next to the subscription and click Edit.
  • Scroll down to Communication Channels.
  • Click Select Orchestration under the communication channel (Email, Mail, Phone, or SMS) and select the appropriate webhook for the communication channel.
  • Click Save.

The Ketch Platform will now begin sending subscription updates to the assigned webhook(s).


To incorporate a Rights webhook into your workflows, you will need to insert an API tile into your rights workflows