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API Limitations

I've noticed a few areas where there are some limitations, or some undocumented features. When fetching /cookies I get a list of 10 entries, I'd expect there would be an option for limit, page or offset so I could fetch the remaining entries, but couldn't find any.

One of the use cases would be migrating cookies from another platform, in that case I'll have to create a bunch of cookies and linking them to their purposes and properties. In the POST /cookies I have the relationship object that links to the purposes, however the interface guides me to fill out all the fields of the purpose I'd like to associate with, I couldn't find info about linking to an existing purpose, how would that request look like?

Also tried PUT /purposes/advertising (given that advertising is the code of one of my purposes), for something simple like changing the displayName, but it always seems to return 400 with the following:

      "code": "invalid",
      "detail": "code required",
      "status": "400"

Even thought the code is correctly added in the path purpose/advertising in my case.

For context the API key I'm using has complete admin access.

Hope to hear back!