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React Native SDK

is there React Native SDK available to implement into mobile applications?

Need API Endpoint for "Do Not Sell" Statuses

Hello, I need to request data from Ketch on the "Do Not Sell" status of our clients. What API endpoint(s) would I use for this? Furthermore, what Permissions in the API Key do I need in order to make this request? Thank you for your time and your help!

Is Google CMP not available in the free version for small business only in the Enterprise version?

Is Google CMP not available in the free version for small business only in the Enterprise version?

Single Sign On integrations?

Hello, does Ketch support Single Sign on, OIDC or any other integration with 3rd Party Identity Providers? I would like to explore this possibility however I haven't find any documentation about it. Thanks in advance,

how to download Ketch Android SDK? May i get the path

I saw the manual integration in github readme page please guide for this <https://github.com/ketch-sdk/ketch-samples/tree/main/ketch-android/Android%20Native%20SDK%20Sample#manual>


Are you tagging users whose content the government or others do not want exposed? Not permitting government site access or contact? We are receiving complaints.

API Limitations

I've noticed a few areas where there are some limitations, or some undocumented features. When fetching `/cookies` I get a list of 10 entries, I'd expect there would be an option for `limit`, `page` or `offset` so I could fetch the remaining entries, but couldn't find any. One of the use cases would be migrating cookies from another platform, in that case I'll have to create a bunch of cookies and linking them to their purposes and properties. In the `POST /cookies` I have the relationship object that links to the purposes, however the interface guides me to fill out all the fields of the purpose I'd like to associate with, I couldn't find info about linking to an existing purpose, how would that request look like? Also tried `PUT /purposes/advertising` (given that advertising is the code of one of my purposes), for something simple like changing the displayName, but it always seems to return `400` with the following: ``` { "code": "invalid", "detail": "code required", "status": "400" } ``` Even thought the code is correctly added in the path `purpose/advertising` in my case. For context the API key I'm using has complete admin access. Hope to hear back!

ketch and subdomain

I am trying to get consent per site. Currently, user consent is propagated to all domains in my app (+200 domains). Or it is necessary that each site has its own logic of consent, I work with laravel 8, what to do?